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Finding inspiration to live a great life

You have likely come across a TV or radio ad – or post on social media – pitching ways you can lead a happy and prosperous life.

While they may tout a product or service that you can use to achieve this, the reality is there are no shortcuts to achieving a great life. It takes a great deal of effort and is an ongoing process that reflects your interests and objectives.

On my own journey as an entrepreneur, I’ve had good and bad days. I’ve learned over time that while every opportunity can be a challenge, every challenge is an opportunity and through each one, you can grow and become stronger.

When I need inspiration, I often think of the Chinese symbol ("") that represents to live or be alive. It serves as sort of a rallying call to spring into action and make something good happen.

I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the activities I’ve found to be effective and contributed to my mindset. Feel free to share some of your own in the comment box at the bottom of this post or on HYGGEWellbeing’s Instagram page.

Make time for yourself

Regardless of your career or family obligations, I think we all struggle with time. Afterall, it’s not infinite.

I’ve found that by taking care of yourself first, you can help take care of others. As a recent Psychology Today article highlighted, self-care is a necessity – not a luxury.

Activities such as yoga, jogging and meditation have been a great way to deal with stress and improve my focus while cooking a meal with my family or dining with friends have also brought great joy. The key is to make time in your schedule to make these activities a priority and a regular part of your routine.

Diet is just as important as exercise and the specially sourced acai and matcha powders we launched last year have been big contributors to my health and wellness.

Expand your horizons

There is no doubt the pandemic has greatly impacted routines we all cherished. Change has been constant over these past two years and tested our resilience.

While this has represented a challenge, it’s also resulted in an opportunity – to find new ways to stay active and also grow.

Activities I used to enjoy before the pandemic – such as badminton, tennis and scuba diving – have been replaced by yoga, jogging and meditation which I can enjoy on my own or in small groups – anywhere, anytime.

I’m also proud of taking the initiative to shift HYGGEWellbeing from just an ecommerce business into one that organized and participated in several events last year to strengthen my ties to the community I’m part of. I have so many warm memories of the new friends I’ve met along the way.

There is no reward without risk and I’m happy I’ve taken the opportunity to expand my business along with my network.

Feel good by doing good

One of the experiences I’ve found very rewarding and enriching is supporting worthy causes. This includes fundraising activities I’ve organized or participated in for the Angels for Children organization, and the tree planting initiative we have for Bhutan for HYGGEWellbeing members.

Helping those in need or which serve a greater good can be an excellent way to contribute to your overall mindset and sense of accomplishment.

Don’t delay – make your mark today!

If there is one message or takeaway I can leave you with in this post, it’s that you should treat every day as a gift. Don’t take life for granted.

Try to find some activities or purpose that you can enjoy that can not only enrich your life but also have a positive impact on others. That is a life worth living.

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