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Why acai is awesome – and our latest healthy offering

There are a variety of reasons why acai (pronounced aa-saa-ee) is continuing to grow in popularity. Besides its vibrant purple color that has made it an Instagram star, the fruit features a range of ingredients – including vitamins, protein, fiber and nutrients – that can contribute to your health and wellness as one of our ambassadors highlighted in a recent blog post.

In an effort to meet growing demand for what many are calling a ‘Superfruit’, we’re pleased to announce the launch our own label of Organic Acai Powder. It joins an expanding line of healthy items on our shopping page.

Each eight ounce container features organic acai powder that is specially sourced and manufactured from Brazil.

The fruit is harvested from tall acai palm trees in the Amazon Rainforest and they gone through a thorough process which includes washing, crushing and drying the acai berries.

Between 18 and 20 kilograms of fresh acai berries are converted into the equivalent of one kilogram of puree. The proprietary powder is then created, using an all-natural process to maintain the original nutritional properties.

The end result: a healthy, delicious powder that features what many say tastes like a mix of chocolate and berries.

Favorite creations

One of the things I like most about acai along with its health benefits is that it can be paired with different fruits. I like creating acai bowls that include bananas and mixed berries for a healthy breakfast or a nice, light snack after a yoga session or at the end of a long day.

I find creating my own acai bowls also releases my creative juices as I enjoy creating visual masterpieces (check out one of my recent Instagram videos).

The powder can also be blended with fruits to create a refreshing smoothie, shake or yogurt.

If you have a favorite recipe to share, feel free to tag us on Instagram (

Limited time offer!

To help celebrate the launch of the new line, we’re offering a 15% discount off the regular price of our Organic Acai Powder until October 15, 2021. Just enter promo code ACAI15.

You can also earn savings through our subscription program that features three, six or nine month terms – similar to our ceremonial grade or organic matcha powder.

Whether you decide to sample our new Organic Acai Powder – or make it a regular part of your regular routine – I think you will realize acai is indeed awesome even if its name is hard to pronounce.

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