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About HYGGEWellbeing

Jasmin Liu of HYGGEWellbeing

As a Hong Konger, living a busy and stressed life.  What inspired me to build this project was my first trip to Bhutan - a country measuring Gross National Happiness (GNH) instead of GDP & the ultimate goal of life is "to be happy". 

The spiritual beliefs of Bhutanese make them the epitome of "simple living" and "high thinking". It inspires me to further explore what's the true meaning of life.  I started to think about the value of my dream as I think Wellbeing like eating healthy, regular exercise and being conscious of our mind is fundamental to happiness and that is something I would like to inspire our customers to live with. 

Our Beliefs

Mind Body Soul Illustration | HYGGEWellbeing

Be Well

We believe people keep searching for their north star to improve their lifestyle where their mind, body and soul work as one. 


We are here to bring you a new wellness state "The Art of Being Well". 


Wellness is a journey and not something that happens overnight, and we are here to inspire you to achieve a long-lasting physical & mental state to "be well". 

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