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The joy of connecting with people one matcha cup at a time

There are many benefits to operating an e-commerce company compared to a physical store.

For example, we are able to extend our reach outside of our home base of Hong Kong, drawing interest and sales from the entire Asia Pacific region – and even Europe!

However, it is more challenging to cultivate personal connections compared to businesses that have a bricks and mortar location, though our Instagram account is helping to gradually enhance engagement.

In an effort to build a stronger interaction with people who care about their health and wellbeing – along with raising funds for the Angels for Children charity – we co-hosted a special event earlier this month at the Gitone Gallery in downtown Hong Kong.

Our guests had an opportunity to experience pottery making with gallery owner Terence Lee while we demonstrated how easy it is to make a delicious cup of matcha, using our organic powders and tea ware from two new gift sets that were launched earlier this month.

To say that the event was a success is an understatement. The joy that was created together during the demonstrations was exactly what we were hoping to achieve and we were humbled to see some of these experiencesshared on Instagram.

Many of our guests commented on how they enjoyed the special taste of our matcha and they also found the handy information sheet that is included in each order very easy to follow.

While it was promoted as a “Once in a lifetime” event, we are considering organizing more events in the future as we saw first-hand this can be an effective way to build a stronger connection with people while maintaining the benefits the HYGGEWellbeing website provides.

To stay connected and learn about future events, we encourage you to subscribe for updates on our blog page.

Special online initiatives

Until the next in-person event, we remain committed to providing our online customers with the best possible experience while promoting the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the offers you are encouraged to explore.

Subscription program: By enrolling in our subscription program, you can not only enjoy the convenience of having matcha powder delivered to you each month but also enjoy savings on future purchases. This includes:

  • 10% off your purchases by subscribing for three months

  • 15% off purchases by subscribing for six months, or

  • 20% of purchases by subscribing for nine months.

Referral program: One of our goals is to build a stronger awareness of how the food and drink items we carry can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. We are committed to doing this one person at a time and to help accomplish this, we have an affiliate program that offers 5% of all sales generated through referrals.

To learn more about this program, visit this page or email

Support a great cause: Similar to our recent event, a portion of proceeds from all online purchases support Angels for Children.

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