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Create some "Matcha Memories" this Father's Day

Father’s Day. An occasion that like birthdays and holidays, is an excellent time to provide your Dad or father figure with a special gift to show how much you love them.

Yet, many people struggle with finding a gift that resonates, resorting to the same options – such as clothing, books, appliances or tools – that often miss the mark..

Various studies highlight how you can improve your odds of finding the right gift – one that provides a long-lasting experience.

Just in time for Father’s Day, we have added two special gift sets to our website. The sets include either premium or ceremonial grade organic matcha powder along with a:

· Tea bowl (Chawan)

· Tea scoop (Chashku), and

· Tea whisk (Chasen).

Included is a handy flyer that provides a simple, six-step process to make a great cup of matcha tea. It’s that easy – no assembly required like other gifts you may have bought in the past!

Creating ‘matcha memories’

All of the matcha powders we carry are sourced from Japan with our latest addition – ceremonial grade – featuring high quality matcha which is used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies.

I first tasted matcha tea during a trip to Japan in 2014 and still recall fondly the distinctive aroma and taste of my first cup. It’s that sensory experience that makes it such a special gift.

The beauty of matcha powder is that it can be enjoyed in many different ways. Personally, I like to start my day with a nice matcha tea or smoothie to help boost my energy (this recipe shows how to make a great matcha green tea smoothie).

The powder can also be used as an ingredient in cakes, cookies, pancakes or soups.

Unlike a tie, book or power tool, either kit provides an opportunity to give your loved one an ongoing experiential activity that can provide them long lasting joy.

You can also be comforted in knowing that this gift can contribute to their health and wellbeing. Various reports and studies have highlighted some of the benefits of matcha, including improved memory and cognitive function and improved heart health through the lowering of cholesterol.

Don’t delay – Order today!

With Father’s Day quickly approaching (June 20), now is a great time to purchase a gift that your loved one can enjoy often – on their own, or with family and friends.

To ensure all orders are received before Father’s Day, you are encouraged to place them by June 13, 2021. And by using the promo code FATHERSDAY10, you can receive 10% off your gift set purchase until June 13, 2021.

Don’t forget to sign up to become a member of our loyalty program. HYGGE members receive 10% off their next purchase once collective purchases reach 1,000 HKD.

Final call for June 5 event

Interested in receiving a hands-on demonstration on how to make a great cup of matcha tea? Want to win a ceremonial grade matcha gift set?

Check out this Instagram post for details about a contest along with a special event taking place this Saturday (June 5) in Hong Kong.

For more information or to RSVP for the event, send an email to or send a direct message through our Instagram account.

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