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Celebrating the link between Health & Happiness

Regardless of where you live, the pandemic has likely tested your resolve and resilience. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) reported that mental health world-wide has deteriorated significantly since the start of the COVID‑19 pandemic. That’s why it’s more important than ever that you focus on ways that you can contribute to your health and wellbeing.

As the founder of HYGGEWellbeing, I firmly believe in talking the talk and walking the walk. Not only do I enjoy many of the superfoods and drinks offered on our website but I also take the opportunity to build activities such as yoga and meditation into my regular routine to maintain a healthy lifestyle and positive mindset.

In an effort to raise awareness of how HYGGEWellbeing can contribute to an improved lifestyle, I’ve hosted or participated in several recent events. I thoroughly enjoyed a matcha and pottery event I co-hosted in June and earlier this month, I participated in the Liv Well Retreat, which included sessions on nutrition, meditation and exercise.

During the retreat, I had an opportunity to host a matcha tea ceremony featuring organic powder specially sourced from Japan, providing a special farm to table experience.

The reception I received from attendees was gratifying as it not only allowed me to highlight the health benefits of matcha but also demonstrate how easy it is to make at home when they returned from the retreat.

Promoting ways to achieve a healthier lifestyle along with the joy it can achieve are just two of the reasons why I founded the company last summer, and why I remain committed to making it a long-lasting success.

Bonding with fellow entrepreneurs

Along with deriving great pride in promoting the benefits of matcha and other items available on our website, I’ve also enjoyed connecting with other entrepreneurs at recent events. As I highlighted in a recent post, it’s not easy being the founder of a small company. There are a lot of challenges involved in operating a business which have only multiped during a pandemic.

What I’ve been pleased to discover is that the ecosystem for small business and entrepreneurs in Hong Kong is alive and well, with many female founders leading the charge! Through our shared experiences and mutual support, we can grow stronger together.

Whether it’s my company or others that you come across, I encourage you to provide your support – whether it’s sampling a product, providing a recommendation to your friends or family, or passing on direct feedback about your experiences.

Small companies like mine are always interested in hearing feedback or suggestions about product offerings or the customer service they received to grow and improve. We are also always looking for collaborative or partnership opportunities to grow our business and profile. You can email us any time at:

Exciting plans for the future

The response I’ve received to our e-commerce offerings – and at various public events – has been humbling and it has only galvanized my commitment to lead a company that makes a difference in people’s lives.

More events are planned in the future to develop a closer connection to the communities – and entrepreneurs – who are the very fabric of our economy. Next up is an event on August 28, 2021 that will pair our specially sourced matcha with a traditional French pastry (Religieuse) from a local cake shop (LeCha).

Check out this Instagram post for more details and act fast if you want to attend as only 20 tickets are being sold.

To receive updates about future events and product offerings, I also encourage you to become a subscriber to our blog posts and breaking announcements.

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