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How Yoga contributes to my Health & Wellbeing

In my last blog post, I shared my experiences as an entrepreneur and highlighted how health and wellness was the driving force in launching HYGGEWellbeing.

Providing people with a wide variety of healthy options to blend into their current diet and routine gives me tremendous pride and satisfaction.

Being a founder of a start-up has its share of challenges, though, and one of the activities I’ve found to be very effective in maintaining a positive mindset and sense of peace is yoga. I love yoga and over the years, I’ve found it to be a great way to contribute to my health and wellness. Whether it’s an early morning session on the beach – or participating in an online class during the pandemic – I enjoy the sense of calm and tranquility that yoga provides through various poses and breathing exercises.

I’ve also found that yoga has enhanced my focus and discipline. Classic win/win! What makes this activity even more enjoyable is its simplicity. All you need is a comfortable set of workout clothes and a mat. That’s it! And if you aren’t able to participate in a class, you can always rock it on your own – at home, or in a public space like a park or the beach.

My appreciation for yoga has grown so strong that I recently earned a teaching certificate. If time allows, I plan to find the time in the future to teach classes so that I can share the beauty and positive impact that yoga can have on our mind and body.

My go-to snacks and drinks

Some studies have shown that one of the benefits of yoga is a greater awareness of “mindful eating” and I’ve definitely raised my game in this regard. I’ve developed a routine on days when I practice yoga. This includes how I fuel up before and after workouts.

I usually enjoy a soothing cup of matcha tea before each session, using our own organic Japanese Matcha powderthat is available on our website. It’s a nice, light refreshment and very easy to make.

On occasion, I like to pack a few energy bars to snack on after a session away from home. My current favorites are items from the Barebells and Aloha lines – the latter of which are plant-based.

For home workouts, I usually enjoy different fruits. I love berries – blueberries, raspberries or strawberries – or opt instead for detox juices that include a mix of cucumber, celery, lemon, ginger and apple, or beets, carrots, lemon, ginger and apple.

Join the movement!

If you’ve never tried yoga but I’ve piqued your interest through this blog post, there are some great books – like Light on Yoga or The Yoga Beginner’s Bible – that provide an excellent introduction along with numerous photographs and illustrations on various poses and postures that you can explore.

With the weather improving and summer approaching, now is a great time to get active and yoga is one activity I highly recommend.

Reminder about June 5 event

Interested in learning how to make a cup of refreshing matcha tea? Or how to make pottery? Check out recent Instagram posts for details about a special event in Hong Kong on June 5. For more details or to RSVP, email me at Also, check out & try our new Ceremonial Match powder & gift set!

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