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Celebrating entrepreneurship – and a focus on wellbeing

It’s not easy being an entrepreneur.

The hours are long, the risk of failure is high and the pandemic has only served to increase the usual challenges that small business owners face. However, I have no regrets in launching HYGGEWellbeing last year and appreciate all of the support that I have received so far.

One of the main reasons I created the company was to provide people with healthy food and drink options that they could blend into their current routine to contribute to their wellbeing.

In one of my recent posts, I shared some of the items I enjoy throughout the day to contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Some of my ambassadors have also covered important topics such as mental health and resilience.

To me, HYGGEWellbeing is not just about commerce but also community – helping others develop a healthy mindset that includes discovering the benefits of eating right and staying active.

It’s also about giving back to those in need like the Angels for Children charity or the earth we live on through a special tree planting in Bhutan initiative offered through our loyalty program.

I was honored to be able to raise awareness of HYGGEWellbeing and widen my network earlier this month when I was invited to be one of the panelists of female entrepreneurs at the She’s Next Empowered by Visa 2021–Hong Kong edition virtual event. Besides celebrating entrepreneurism, important topics such as mental health and resilience were also discussed during the session.

I appreciated the opportunity to share why I started HYGGEWellbeing, touching on how I’ve observed many entrepreneurs struggle with stress and need to take better care of themselves.

The other panelists agreed that small business owners face an inordinate amount of pressure and valued the importance of wellbeing. As I heard these stories, I felt great pride in knowing that my company is contributing to healthier lifestyles by creating this wellbeing platform.

During the session, I had an opportunity to share my advice to current or prospective entrepreneurs. It was two-fold:

Find your own voice: We all face challenges on a regular basis and the key is to develop your own approach in addressing them.

In my own case, I’ve made health and wellbeing my main focus and it’s not only become a way of life, but also a business.

Embrace failure: Failure is part of life and it’s through these experiences, you learn and grow – both as an individual and as an entrepreneur.

Failure also helps you build resilience and get through more challenging times. There is an old saying ‘Tough times don’t last, tough people do’ and I think there is a lot of truth to that.

I realize being an entrepreneur is not a short trip but instead a journey and it’s one I’m looking forward to continuing well into the future.

Save the date for special event!

Interested in building your mindfulness while also supporting a great charity? Mark June 5, 2021 on your calendar and stay tuned for details about a great event that will include a demonstration on how you can make a soothing cup of matcha tea.

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