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How new routines can lead to healthy habits

One of the more encouraging trends that has developed during the pandemic is the discovery of new hobbies or routines to create a sense of balance and enjoyment in people’s lives.

A report from American financial services company Lending Tree found six in ten people surveyed have discovered a new hobby with one in three gravitating towards baking or cooking. Meditation and exercise have also become popular activities to contribute to physical and mental health.

Even celebrities have made major lifestyle changes with musician Ed Sheeran sharing with BBC that his new hit song Bad Habits was about a wake-up call about poor lifestyle choices he was making before he became a father.

In participating in several recent events in Hong Kong, I have seen first-hand the level of interest and excitement people have expressed in learning how to incorporate healthier options into their lifestyle, including what they eat and drink.

At the latest event that I co-hosted with local dessert shop LeCha last month, guests discovered how well LeCha’s French pastries paired with the matcha that we offer on our website which is specially sourced from Japan.

Guests gained an appreciation of the pairing of matcha with desserts compared to more typical drinks such as coffee or tea along with the observing the difference in taste between matcha and green tea.

The intimate event was also an excellent opportunity for me to once again highlight the many health benefits of matcha that one of my ambassadors shared in a recent blog post, including anti-oxidants that can help protect against cardiovascular diseases.

Similar to my participation in a recent event at a local gallery and wellness retreat, I enjoyed demonstrating how easy it is to prepare matcha on your own at home using a simple seven-step process.

Developing healthy habits is not easy as a recent New York Times article reported. It takes an open mind, patience and a strong level of commitment to try new routines that lead to improved habits. However, I have been impressed with the growing number of people who want to create positive changes in their lives that stick.

Based on the response received to date, I plan to partner with other local companies on additional events in the future that have a focus on health and wellbeing as that remains the essence of why I founded this company last year.

Special subscription offers

To encourage people to blend matcha into their regular routine to provide long-lasting joy and benefits, our company recently announced a special subscription promotion. Besides providing added convenience through a monthly delivery of matcha powder, it offers great savings based on the term you select.

Under the promotion, you receive:

· 10% off purchases by subscribing for three months

· 15% off purchases by subscribing for six months, or

· 20% off purchases by subscribing for ninth months.

For more details, see the Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder and Organic Matcha Powder pages for pricing for each term. Or, send an email to to learn more.

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