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Celebrating success while making a difference

It’s not often that you get an opportunity to spend a day surrounded by people focused on making a difference in the lives of others.

I had the honor and privilege earlier this month of connecting with several entrepreneurs from Hong Kong who were recognized through the 2022 Most Innovative Solutions Awards hosted by media company Business Innovator.

From health care to education to ecommerce, there were many inspirational stories of entrepreneurs who are contributing to Hong Kong’s economic ecosystem just like our company, which received an award for being the Most Outstanding Health and Wellness Product of the Year.

It was a day to remember and I was glad to be a part of it along with several other distinguished guests from the business community.

Keeping the drive alive

Hearing anecdotes, advice and lessons learned by entrepreneurs on the same journey I’m on is something that helps fuel my drive and quest to learn and grow.

One thing that I learned we have in common is that we are all focused on growing our business to widen our reach and impact more people in the community. Part of that growth hinges on identifying and addressing a need that exists. As I always say, "When one becomes many, anything is possible."

In the case of HYGGEWellbeing, the focus has been on inspiring people to enjoy a healthier and well-balanced lifestyle – one focused on the mind, body and soul. Through a recent evolution that includes a new initiative (WellnessX) along with our specially sourced acai and matcha powders, we are creating more ways that we can make a difference.

This also includes resources such as this blog and a Wellness Guide that was created recently which provides valuable information on nutrition, exercise and mindfulness that can be incorporated into your daily life.

It also involves listening and learning from others. To accelerate my personal growth, I was proud to be appointed recently as a committee member of a Wellness Chapter of the Asia CEO Community. It represents an excellent opportunity to understand the issues that executives are grappling with and how companies like mine can help address them.

I’ve discovered resilience is a common trait shared by many entrepreneurs. This has been very important as we have navigated some very challenging times due to the pandemic. However, I firmly believe that with every challenge lies an opportunity – an opportunity to develop products and services that can contribute to a better life.

The journey continues

While this latest award – and other honors our company received – are extremely gratifying, I realize this is no time to rest on all that we’ve accomplished over the past two years. We are focused on growing our services and support and widen the reach of the company. Standing still simply isn’t an option.

As I am fond of saying, life is a journey and there are many exciting days ahead. I encourage you to join us on this journey to build a more fulfilling life. To keep updated on the exciting initiatives we have planned, subscribe to this blog on our website and feel free to email me at if you would like to learn more about any of our current products or services.

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