At Ceres Organics we believe in the integrity of ‘real’ plant based ingredients. That’s why in this bag you’ll find just that! Organically grown popping corn from a New Zealand farm following bio-dynamic principles. 

Our popping corn is full of plant-based goodness, including dietary fibre. Try cooking with sunflower or coconut oil. Just add a tablespoon to a heaped tablespoon of popping corn. 

Good for your body and the planet too.


我們的爆米花充滿天然的美味,包括膳 食纖維。 可試用向日葵或椰子油烹飪。 只要加一湯匙放在一大堆爆米花上即 可。

Ceres Organics - Popping Corn 500g


    You are what you eat - so eat superfood!

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