“Simmer until ‘tail’ appears.” Yep. You read correctly. But fret not, quinoa is not some rare breed of tadpole, it’s an everyday grain*. Well, perhaps we’re understating it, it’s actually quite super. Its super-ness started way back in Peru with the Incas (those strong ancient warriors, living crazy high up mountains). They made the most of its hardiness and were rewarded by its plant-based goodness. Check the protein.

Today, we go to the home of quinoa and work with local farmers to bring you the genuine stuff. Organically and sustainably grown quinoa that’s fairly building our global communities. This ain’t no ordinary quinoa!

Despite its super-ness, it’s easy-going. Cook just like rice. Eat hot or cold. Even if avoiding gluten. Tick, tick, tick! It’s delicate, a bit nutty, with a firm bite. Be ready in 15.

*Disclosure. Quinoa may act like a grain, but it’s a seed in disguise. Kind of like superman.

TO COOK: Rinse under running water. In a pot, put in a cup of quinoa with two cups of water or stock (for added flavour), cover and bring to the boil. Reduce heat to simmer until all liquid is absorbed, about 15-20 minutes.


藜麥營養價值極高,蛋白質含量是大米 的2倍多,尤其含有一般穀物缺少的胺基 酸,可以做為大米等糧食的替代品。 煮 熟後有獨特的堅果香味。 藜麥被譽為 「穀物之母」,是一種高蛋白,低熱量 ,零膽固醇的「全能」食物,暢銷歐美 市場百年不衰, 白藜麥又被稱為象牙藜, 有著淡淡的青草香,口感就像芝麻一樣 鬆脆;黑藜麥則比白藜麥來的甜,比較 有嚼勁;紅藜麥的纖維則是三者之中最 高的,煮過之後外型會比其餘兩種顏色 的藜麥還要好看,顏色也比較鮮豔,最 適合用在沙拉或食材需要粒粒分明的佳 餚中。

Ceres Organics - OrganicQuinoa White 450g