At Ceres Organics we like to keep things clean and simple. So our Kelp Flakes are just that. Straight up|goodness!

We begin by harvesting fresh kelp|from unpolluted waters around the|Banks Peninsula in the South Island|of New Zealand. The kelp is then slowly dried at low temperatures (below 47°C) to lock in its inherent nutrients, before being milled into fine flakes. No artificial inputs are used along the way.

Sprinkle over your favourite foods for a boost of nutrition and flavour. You only need a touch to get all the iodine your body needs.


我們從新西蘭南島無污染的水域收穫新 鮮海帶,然後將海帶在低溫(低於 47°C)下慢慢烘乾,保留其營養,過程 沒有添加任何化學成份 灑在你最喜歡的食物,以提高營養和味 道。 即可獲得身體所需的碘。

Ceres Organics - Organic Kelp Flakes 80g