At Ceres Organics we believe in the power of ‘real’ wholefood ingredients. So this bag of powdered goodness is made from organic beetroot, grown by ‘working with nature’ in lush New Zealand soils, using no chemical pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilisers. 

They’re gently dried at low temperatures (below 47°C), to preserve the wonderful benefits of the whole fresh beetroot. What makes this beetroot powder super valuable is that its nutritional properties are offered up in concentrated form, with one serve equivalent to approximately 50g of fresh beetroot. Add a teaspoon of this organic plant superfood to just about anything – smoothies, juices, desserts.


這袋優質粉末是使用新西蘭土壤種植的 有機紅菜頭,不使用化學農藥,除草劑 或人造肥料。 它們在低溫(低於47°C)下輕輕風乾, 以保持整個新鮮紅菜頭的營養。以濃縮 的方式保持營養特性,其中一份相當於 約50g的新鮮紅菜頭。可添加一茶匙於任 何東西 - 冰沙,果汁,甜點。

Ceres Organics - BeetrootPowder 70g